Photo of the week

Posted on November 28, 2015

On Tuesday I went to the Alpstein region in Switzerland. I knew that there had been the first snow for the winter so I wanted to make my way up to a summit the take photos of the mountain ridge during sunset.

As I got there I recognized that the snow was much more than I expected. The trail up to the summit was completely covered with 40-50cm snow and they took down all the signage. Luckily enough somebody walked my way a day before. Otherwise you would have been just lost. It was quit a hustle to make the 1000 meters altitude and I didn’t make it to the summit I wanted to because the snow was to high and therefore to dangerous. But I went to another hut called „Äscher“ which was located beneath a 120 meter high cliff. The view to the Seealpsee down in the valley was stunning and paid all the effort off.

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