HABITAT – aerial photo book Crowdfunding Campaign online

Posted on Juli 6, 2018


Now it is official: My first photo book HABITAT will be published in October this year. To fund the production costs of the book, I started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This campaign is an opportunity to pre-order a signed and numbered copy from a limited edition of 300 books and to help me, turning the idea of this project into a real book. You can also buy limited posters editions, fine art prints and some other cool stuff at the campaign. Have a look! 😉


This is a all-or-nothing funding: If this project doesn’t reach its funding goal, the book won’t become real and everyone, who supported in the campaign will get their money back. This is why I need your help and your support. Please support this project by sharing the crowdfunding campaign on social networks and anyone that might be interested in. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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